About Plenty RX

After decades in the pharmaceutical industry, we began to notice some of the major challenges facing pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

We watched doctors, pharmacists, and other professionals spend hours talking to representatives over the phone, waiting for return calls about pricing, or even hiring extra help to take on the major task of ordering pharmaceuticals.

It became clear to us that traditional ways of buying medications were simply too tedious, time consuming, and yes, expensive.

That’s when we knew it was time to do something different.

We created PlentyRx with your needs in mind; a platform that helps you cut purchasing time by at least half, and gets you guaranteed low rates. We also provide you personalized service that ensures you feel important and cared for - every step of the way.

Best of all, it’s free. You can sign up for an account, and once approved, you get access to all our world-class vendors. This way, you can start saving right away.

We make it that simple - so you can get back to helping your patients and growing your business.

Values You Can Trust

Headquartered in Wesley Chapel, FL, the PlentyRx team is made up of professionals with decades of experience and success in the pharmaceuticals industry. We built PlentyRx around these core principles:

Customer Service

You can trust that we go consistently above and beyond for you. That means you get personalized service from professionals who deeply care about you and your success

Quality Commitment

You have a partner you can always depend on. That means on-time delivery, guaranteed low prices, and consistent service that focuses on you, your needs, and your goals.

Best Opportunities

Your success is our very highest priority. And that means scouring the market for the best products and opportunities to pass on to you. Time after time. Again and again.

Proven Experience

Our customer service representatives have years of experience and success in the industry, and share a deep-held commitment providing the best value to our customers.

Let’s Launch Your Ordering Experience to the Next Level

We are so proud to empower independent pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics around the nation; helping you to increase business, leverage time, and reduce prices. Create your account today to experience whole new world of pharmaceutical purchasing.